Katharina Ludwig, funny creator,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Katharina Ludwig is German, has 24 years and it is not the kind to put his/her/its resourcefulness to the service of the cutest buckle of ears or the next it bag. His/her/its creations are a matter for more the challenge, of the artistic performance that of the real tendency in. Which way to begin?

By his/her/its jewelry made of ice?

With a basis made of metal, the stone of ice that have been previously strengthened with pigments, these jewelry are made for, as specifies us Katharina, to meet on the sweater instead of remaining on the ear".

Or maybe I should start with the necklace makes soap:

more need to remove it, he/it disappears a few more to each of your showers daily (or weekly, I don't want to know).


Even better:

the banal tee shirt to the first access, but that reveals pigments of different colors if to reverse you over of water.

Discover Katharina's compositions on www.kathyludwig.com

Julian Casablancas, Pharrell Williams and Santogolds = does generation Converse?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That Cheap Ed Hardyof the heavy ladies and ladies: the charismatic singer of the Strokes Julian Casablancas, the producer / singer / hip songwriter hop to success outre-atlantique Pharrell Williams (also member of the N*E*R*D group) and the small Santogolds pêchue are united for the 100 years of the Converse.La marks the shoe the more range of Europe probably made an advertising campaign that made really speak of her already since she/it used the pictures of the icons rock'n'roll that are Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis, icons that had kicked the bucket then since a moment.Cette time, a novelty (put to part the fact that the representatives of the mark are living): the 3 singers take a title, especially created for Converses, available free on internet. Let's say the honestly, My Drive Thru n'is not a very good song of pub. To side, the resumption of the song of Dispatch Fashion "Just Can't Get Enough" for the ad broadcast Gap is a matter for the pure génie.Converse made call also to d'other artists for his/her/its new country: MGMT, Morgan Quaintance of Does It Offend You Yeah, Kid Sister will be among others on the posters of the mark.






To listen to the piece, it is that way: "My Drive Thru" on Stereogum


Jude Law and Kate Moss together

For a good reason.

Ed Hardy Clothes As I had you well! In short brief brief, Jude Law and Kate Moss decided to be kind and to give a garment / accessory that will be sold then at the an auction next September 25 in London, in favor of a work caritative acting for the research of the treatment against the breast cancer.

The bip English model gave a pair of shoes therefore crotchet Christian Louboutin that it has flipping in air as scribbling autographed over, as well as one purse Corto Moltedo. The English actor chose the Martin costume Margiela qu'he/it carried in 2004 for the Alfie movie. I hope that he/it didn't wash it (clean, it would sell itself necessarily expensive).

Liam Gallagher of the group Oasis also participated while signing a guitar. But good him one makes fun a few of them, his/her/its group died for a long time.

For the opportunity, a small photo of Jude Law very to his/her/its advantage:

I understand why all girls fantasize over. Graou graou.


Festival of Cannes, day 8, when this madness will stop it?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Laura Smet! Laura Smet is back!

Apparently she/it made the couv' of the next to last HER, but as I was on vacation I missed it, and I am disappointed some very. Cheap Ed Hardy On Sale Is that that quelqu'an is able to tell me? Is this qu'does she/it speak of Johnny?

She/it was to the preview of "The border of the dawn" with Louis Garrel that is always pulling a face of 10-m long to play itself/themselves her gloomy whereas even my baker is gloomier than he! Clothed d'a tunic made of cream-colored satin, a black trousers and black dancing shoes, Laura Smet was class, near perfect (I would dare even as far as throwing a rumor on a possible pregnancy? C'is what one usually makes when a star leaves in tunic).

I don't know Lunmei Kwai, Taiwanese presents for the photocall of "Ting Che", but I must confess that his/her/its small dress pink fluo with black dancing shoes pleases me a lot, the small has the taste Ed Hardy Clothes .

And then the ghost of Cannes: Rachel Blanchard, for the movie "Worship". The beautiful played in the set for pimply teenagers (of which I made part) "Clueless" and has been seen lately in the set Flight of the Conchords on HBO (of which I am fan). Nothing to signal concerning his/her/its dress: c'is bling, that fringes, therefore it is in the air of the time.

This time, Discount Ed Hardy leaves itself on Quentin Tarantino with his/her/its virile look: jacket in leather and santiags, Quentin, I like you. One always waits for news of Eva Longoria, I hope to see it at the time of the rise of the walks, I value you juice.


In direct of the Festival of Cannes with our Fluctuat.net partner

© Sipa

Festival of Cannes, 6th day, the red carpet ignites.

As I announced it to you previously, Angelina Jolie is very close to the childbirth and door of the sheets to move on the Croisette. Ed Hardy Clothing On his/her/its side, Brad Pitt must constantly push it or hold it for qu'she/it advances. Angie, that in more d'to seem of a small baleineau, is made itself take the breasts in photo by paparazzi whereas she/it changed herself/itself on his/her/its balcony (that makes the size of my apartment). Angie, courage! While waiting one gets back the photo for the pleasure of the eyes.

On the other hand, big problem of logistics in Cannes: Sandra Lou of the Bachelor (become since coordinator on the 6) and especially Tatiana of Secret Story (professional model) have been invited to the preview of the Emir Kusturica documentary dedicated to the legend of the Maradona soccer. Who made this blunder?

If they had been dressed well, I would have been the first to say that the girls of the television-reality can have good taste. Unfortunately, let's look at the reality in the face: these dresses are ugly. In more Tatianas put red shoes with a dress in the tones pink majoritairement, what avant-gardist!

I cried two times while seeing this photo and finally I don't see why I won't make it to you to share.

Discount Ed Hardy On Sale I already have a few more of sympathy for Sandra Lou, therefore I am going to try to be kind: Sandra, your dress recalls me a bad ad for the Gold Coast chocolate.

One leaves itself with Dita Von Teese that doesn't stop anymore surprising us with a dress to the Gothic shapes, but green. Eva, my love, j,'hopes that you didn't already go back to L.A to recover Tony Parker, I believe so in you.


In direct of the Festival of Cannes with our Fluctuat.net partner

© Sipa

Of the macaroons The Length dressed by Louboutin

Friday, December 18, 2009

You read well: the idea is a few fofolle, completely hype,  so frenchy and marketing and everything that you want, and yet it was necessary to think of it. A mark of macaroons that associates with a high creator house couture.   Christian Louboutin imagined indeed and drawn several caskets collector (for six, eight, and eighteen macaroons) that will be on sale in the stores The Length until the end of September (rush-vouuuuuus).  
Evidently, since the macaroons became a symbol girly thanks to the movie Marie-Antoinette, the cake knows a wave of popularity again. In other words, the macaroon, did it become again tendency in 2006, what of more logical than a creator of fashion associates then with this pastry?
Confectioner Philippe Andrieu has, as for read, imagined a Louboutin macaroon, black to the red sole, to basis of figs and date. Ed Hardy Clothing

yes, no, how?

I didn't think that it was possible to cry and to have real nauseas at the same time. Does it answer your question? More and more blogs fashion, as the famous Fashion Toast, seem s'to be granted on the fact that the derby, it is cool, it is cute, that goes so well with a mini-skirt or a trousers bent.

Personally I am very little "small "flat man shoes , that made me think about the marriages and the maintenances of enrollments, the kind of accessories that one feels obligated to carry in some situations. To put the derby relief to my sense of the false supreme step under d pretext'to be tendency: that gives an air of false bourgeois of the beginning of the century that would have put a shorts to go to the beach and that would not have anything else that his/her/its shoes of Sunday to leave.

Discount Ed Hardy On Sale

Yes, it is precisely this picture that comes to my mind when one evokes the derby, and that gives me desire to drive me a compass in the eyes. The only other pair of shoes to procure me this sensation is the shoes of guinea fowl to pointed tip.

Dita Von Teese and his/her/its new collection

Dita Von Teese comes back.


Cheap Ed Hardy On Sale

Dita Von Teese comes back!

With this new collection titled "Party Edition", of which I have some pictures to show you:




Décidemment, that of suspender belt!

But for what I see some, the line seems in conformity with the imagery "Dita Von Teese": of the lace, of the cuts "fatal woman" with bras to neckline pigeonnant, of the old-fashioned pieces...

In France, the collection takes the 28 septembre. 

Diane Von Furstenberg takes its own BLVD Wonder Woman

As you know it maybe already, the creative Diane Von Furstenberg took a collection lately encapsulates ordered by the Warner, greatly inspired by Wonder Woman, this heroine of BDs to the supers powers. Knowing the universe of the big seamstress, it was unexpected enough that she/it draws some clothes in the aesthetic Comics.

But it is not all: Diane Von Furstenberg wrote for the opportunity a special edition of Wonder Woman, illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias, and that tells Diva's adventures, Viva and Fifa. 

The BLVD will be on sale in limited edition, with a bag whose cloths will be printed to the effigy of Wonder Woman. To procure itself/themselves her, it is here:

DVF boutique
29 Rue François 1st
75008 Paris

The profits will be reverted in Vital Voices, NGO sustaining the women in their career of leaders policies, and this all over the world.

Tel Aviv, King George and Södermalm

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Casual Combi – Tel Aviv, King George Coated – Stockholm, Södermalm

Michelle Obama to the after-party

Good I let you breathe two days, but I were not able to not present you the second holding of the First Lady, so wretch we go :


Good it is necessary to confess well that it is the American class like that would say.

The one that won the jackpot that evening, it is Jason Wu, young New Yorker creator of 26 years who was the finalist in the CFDA Fashion Fund. Anna Wintour moves to see his/her/its parades, and visibly she is not the only one. Even though Jason Wu doesn't have the fame of, let's say, Giorgio Armani (AH AH AH!), he is promised to a beautiful future with his/her/its very cool creations. He/it has therefore creates especially for Michelle Obama this white long dress (I would say in tulle of silk but I am not certain on that stroke)

In fact, the First Lady is rather innovative concerning clothes: she/it also carries a lot of Gap that of the creators a few hypes. In last June, at the time of the broadcast the Wire, she/it wore a black and white dress of 148 dollars that the following day all fashionistas pulled themselves.

What do you think of it? Ed Hardy Clothes

Fashion and style From The Streets of Munich and Elsewhere 3

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

091024-Stop-Berlin-Eberswalder-Stra?e-2 091024-Stop-Berlin-Eberswalder-Stra?e-1 091025-Monochrome-Part-II-Berlin-Tausend-1 091025-Monochrome-Part-I-Berlin-Tausend-1 091018-Where-The-Wild-Things-Are-Munich-Maderbr?ustra?e 091023-At-The-Market-Berlin-Maybachufer-1 091023-Stil-In-Berlin-Berlin-Maybachufer 090913-Giant-Tie-New-York-Armory-Hall 091031-Knit-Cap-Munich-Reichenbachstra?e-2 091031-Knit-Cap-Munich-Reichenbachstra?e-1 090915-Oversized-Pants-New-York-State-Armory-2 090915-Oversized-Pants-New-York-State-Armory-1

fashion and style from the streets of munich and elsewhere 2

090914-Asymmetry-New-York-West-Village-1 091113-After-School-Stockholm-S?dermalm-1 091113-Colorful-Stockholm-Hamngatan-2 091113-Colorful-Stockholm-Hamngatan-1 091018-Layering-Belts-Munich-Hans-Sachs-Stra?e 090805-Bolero-Variation-Copenhagen-Pilestraede 091113-Underground-Stockholm-T-Centralen-1 091113-Downhill-Stockholm-S?dermalm 091023-The-Pet-Fanclub-Part-II-Berlin-WMF 091024-Zipped-Berlin-Oderberger-Stra?e 091112-Wave-Stockholm-S?dermalm-1

fashion and style from the streets of munich and elsewhere

091206-Blue-Denim-Brown-Leather-Tel-Aviv-King-George-1 091031-Tender-Colors-2 091206-High-Waisted-Tel-Aviv-Allenby-1 091031-Tender-Colors-1 091112-One-For-The-Cold-Stockholm-Soedermalm-1 091204-Sweet-Black-Tel-Aviv-King-George-1 091206-More-Colors-Tel-Aviv-Bealey-Melacha-1 091210-filmcasino-web 091204-Aerobical-Tel-Aviv-King-George-1