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Thursday, April 8, 2010

the number of women's dignity comes from man's favor, Eileen Chang in the early 20th century, points to this law. So far from the old, women to rivalry thing and no shortage of intrigue see. Even if the female stars are bright appearance and a full purse, still married wealthy hop giants fought.

one into the giants like the deep sea, regulations and more like Ma. I reckon there is no lack giants Zhao Wei, the prohibition of such Tolerance many reasons. "Eating the consequences themselves," Well, when the tuck a hidden love, pregnant with a child can not be good news, my husband installed stronger Touxing generosity, but also make life difficult for the media into just a recognition of pregnancy Zhao Wei things, threw a "little dark, shady light of "reason.

said the entertainment industry "less engaged\Since there is no see no light, so why so embarrassed confused, will afford Zhao Wei would like to practice under the "low-key is the best show of" This record reason? Zhao Wei something no one can see that the block got the upper hand, let alone how to show off. Almost forming a child, and father who are not sure yet, suppose really Huangyou Long, So far, only "carrying expectant wife whoring" message. Moreover, people are really on the yellow boss Zhang Ziyi "Diamond Brand Bags" campaign launched speculation, nor is it a response to Zhao Wei will be able to dispel. With all throw our best wishes on Zhao Wei, but really not optimistic about the fathers of the romantic character.

been vigorous attempts, the private call statement to the media, clearly at a disadvantage,women's replica watches Ishitobi wrestling table (, and Zhao Wei would like to use this response to cover your pairs of hungry eyes, can not say silly naive. Eileen Chang has been mentioned in the book "Women are not heterosexual love, not get the respect of the same sex, women on this base." Comprehend the sentence for the small s is a more transparent one.

experienced domestic violence recently, after a small s, immediately denied this, it keeps her in-laws with the support of both views, photographed even behind her husband also, Xu and her mother speaker stand ... ... such a strong line of defense, showing that small s really not just HelloKitty, I would like to be doing this the highest state of wife slightly. Get the full support of her husband, is equivalent to claim giants Shaonai the scepter, the outside world or other malicious guess a woman's jealousy, the mace will become cannon fodder the next.

get Vicki Zhao and small s more, inevitably a little wishful thinking, after all, everyone doing things differently, not to mention giants, or the foreign giants. However, the strength of the Mainland actress for the love, also like the Swallow Zhao Wei "Doude Guo Xiao San, spell a tiger child."

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