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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ed Hardy don't know it maybe, but Taylor Warren was the second IT Showgirl of 2007 with Cory Kennedy (that seems to be hated today by all forums of fashion). Taylor Warren is model, began to work to 14 years in Tokyo and Milan, and made the object of numerous covers, of which Nylon Magazine Japanese version in last December.

As it is at the moment the fashion among the models, Taylor Warren also opened his/her/its blog, Wretch We Go Again.


She/it also put for a H&M country and other sessions of photos for Marie-Claire. Without forgetting that she/it passed the castings of Gossip Showgirl to play the role of Nose (that she/it didn't have, therefore).

In short, to follow the tribulations of Taylor Warren in New York City and almost everywhere in the world, go Discount Ed Hardy .

Good weekend!

Visual @ Taylor Warren

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