The skirt 50's: yes, no, how?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ed Hardy Clothes doubt helping, this post is not classified in the category "discovered etsy" but in a "yes, no" or I let you judge by yourselves.

Since one spoke last week of glasses First Lady of Nina Ricci, me I am told that one was going to pursue a little the period 50's with this skirt unearthed on etsy:



Evidently, combined with a makeup 50's as the model of the Necessityisthemother boutique, the result is more clashing.

What I like in this skirt:

- the poches 

- the high size

- cloths sky-blue

Or even the price, because 50 $, that dealt with me relatively Cheap Ed Hardy for a probably unique piece.

But I tell to myself: is this easy to carry? Doesn't that make a few apron or skirt of waitress rather in a drive-in in 1955?  

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