The fringe: yes, no, how?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To less being blinds or to have lived in Yemen these last Discount Ed Hardy years, you noticed surely that the expression "putafrange" didn't leave of nowhere: indeed, with the advent of the baby rock and the thick ultra wick, the fringe made its return in Discount Ed Hardy On Sale .

First at the girls of fourteen years, the fringe consisted in a big houpette regaining the forehead acnéique.
Then, at the young women of twenty years, the fringe became right, smoothed, as the rest of hair, tendency 70's electro.
Finally, the last cut tendency, the very slightly plunging square and glossé, didn't escape the fringe to break the cold and strict structure of the basic square. Yelle l'adopted (cf his/her/its last clip with Michaël Youn, does she/it make besides how to have similar legs also?), my small sister l'adopted, and for reason: what of simpler than to cut up his/her/its fringe, even with scissors to tips round Mapeds?

The fringe nearly suits everybody, especially to those that have a big forehead, or that have eyebrows provided to the Emmanuel Chain and that don't know anymore how to hide them, remain to know the details of basis:
- if you have curly hair, forget the fringe. To be pretty and 2008, the fringe must be plated on the forehead, what is a little complicated when one has the buckles or curlings.
- however, if you have small hair that frisottent, you can make a deep fringe, that wants to say that leaves from the middle of the skull (and non just with front hair).
- especially not of big round brush for mega brusher fringes it! Or invest then in a shirt lumberman to have the total look 90's.
- to smooth the fringe, take your hair dryer and put the above your head (so that he/it blows well evidently on the fringe, not on your napkin mops).
Finally, last advice: don't make an asymmetric fringe with a shorter side than the other. do I know that it is fashionable, I also leave in connected bars, but you imagine to arrive to the office with that? Cheap Ed Hardy On Sale C'is not as if the neons of meeting room were flattering either.

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