The mark suspense of the month: Lovemilla

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Discount Ed Hardy Amélie Gillier, ex-stylist for the Zadig mark & Voltaire (that we know all for their magnificent clothes but that cost an arm each) "Lovemilla" spear, his/her/its own mark to the return.

And therefore I mention you the press release: "About fifty models will be proposed, in a style at a time chic and vintage. Of the timeless and sophisticated cuts, of the bips made of silk, muslin and satin. Side coloration, one finds the united with like coloration of the carbon, crushed raspberry, mole, violine, black. But this first collection also signs the exclusive printed matters borrowing to the years 30, 50 and 60,".

I tell to myself: "ouh the the they know how to speak me them", and I click quickly on the tie of the site of the young woman: and there, brilliant, youpi, I fall on that:

A photo, with an address,: 38, Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris.

And then it is all. No but that you do want that I make that? I need some more! Still more!

Good I am going to gnaw my brake.

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