The care dress of Taylor Momsen

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If Ed Hardy are fans of Gossip Showgirl, and I think that there is certain(e)s assidu(e)s here, then you know that Taylor Momsen is. Aged of 16 years hardly, the blondinette is the actress of the set of which one speaks the more, and for reason: she/it sings in a group of rock, make up himself like Courtney Love and dress like a pro (and she/it doesn't have a stylist outside of the tray).


MySpace met it in the stalls during his/her/its feast of birthday, where she presented a part of his/her/its wardrobe, composed of leather, lamé, and rose neon,:

 Famous Hangers Present Taylor Momsens



To 16 years, Ed Hardy Clothing didn't look indeed like that, I must say. My sartorial tastes were distinctly less sharpened.

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