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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gorgeous Jimmy selection of six inches and slinky black dress can be your perfect look for Christmas, but if it wins the choice between comfort and style, comfort hands everything to me.

Much as I like the shiny appearance of the heel for me (except the leg pain, I lean forward, if their feet), destroying my attitude and not my legs are great. I also refuse to suffer from cold in the name of fashion, so that when it comes to keeping warm and stand up in my list above. And although it wouldnt be seen dead in a tracksuit is, these factors may limit my hunting style.

However, there are some things I want for Christmas is my C list that our idea of home-made costume or Christmas gifts for their nestlings practice (see the practical yet stylish Chick!) Your life as you continue to monitor both C Glam and practice during the Christmas period.

Of course, the lower heels or shoes may look great casual or dressy. With a shift dress and leggings Twin This is a great day and night Outfit. To find the sum of the night for a couple of black opaque tights (for sale or drawings / colored, if you type an adventure) and a glittering Christmas and have a stylish modern take on traditional Christmas costume.

Boots are ideal for casual wear. Team with leggings or skinny jeans and they look cool and handy for rainy days especially when the C ends of the boot jeans still wet. Dorothy Perkins Ankle Biker Boots (0535, 39) a day to look good and are very comfortable, while continuing his legs in leggings or a dress.

Name just outside the comfort zone with these heel boots (0525, 28) New Look (image) center, which appears below the ankle, which is flattering in tights. If this is too high heels, New Look has an embarrassment of choices when it comes to shoes and get a nice pair with a lower heel, like this.

Ok, Dodge C, two different items in the mail. But both have the same function C to maintain the heat!
Sometimes, when they met for the first time a party or a bar, do not want to expose the entire costume is heated until the evening, shortly thereafter, a short jacket or Blazer is a great way to feel comfortable and stylish. You can get the jacket later, when you press on the tarmac.

There are some great types of leather jackets on the main road at the moment of genuine leather and artificial. Ima big fan of the dress appears multiple functions, such as day and night have. This leather Receipt (0569 Esprit, 77, (pictured) can both the left is worn with a simple T-shirt or blouse, loose or glammed up for a look at night with a dress.

The same goes for the simple Blazer. While the Blazers are heavily influenced by the trend of the 1980s until now, there are many styles to choose from, and there is a wardrobe basic that will never go out of fashion. Look good Kate Moss for Topshop tuxedo jacket will look back one hour at night. Why not combine the two and get a leather jacket like this) to store (in the center of the image?

A jacket or Blazer is also a good way to get any lumps or abnormalities that do not want to hide attract too much attention. Pants and jackets are also a good way to start the new trend Shoulders little Rhianna take on it. Check Topshop for a wide selection of them.

Some people are not just one person dress. More comfortable in my jeans and bright top or T-shirt, depending on the circumstances. But I think that they look very Christmas, and sometimes wearing fine with that.

As a fan of leggings and ITSA good way to get a dress if youre not used to transfer and effectiveness of bare feet. This year I would like a dress, a sleek and sexy, then all the anomalies and warm, like C is really asking too much?

Number one on my list for this dress is Marc Jacobs Striped Lam. If you have money, this robe is Noel, fresh and comfortable to add a zone around the definition of size. Although a bit too short for some tastes, add tights and perhaps should be able to deduct comfortable.

Then, the cocktail dress by Ellie stand Aftershock (right) in Fig. Sparkling beading at the hem and neckline adding that the Christmas period. The dress is quite loose to fly places just and appropriate to shoulder neckline and built up. This dress can be worn with tights or leggings and a good day candidates held overnight.

Finally, in May this look beautiftul Teal Diane von Furstenberg dress to call those who use their shoulders to cover even close to these times bold wish. Shoulders decorated to add that little feeling of Christmas, clothing and equipment is thick enough not to focus too much on the curves and gives a strong sillouette.

And now when someone please slip in a way, this list could Santy for me, you almost'm very happy-chick-chic!

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