Festival of Cannes, 6th day, the red carpet ignites.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

As I announced it to you previously, Angelina Jolie is very close to the childbirth and door of the sheets to move on the Croisette. Ed Hardy Clothing On his/her/its side, Brad Pitt must constantly push it or hold it for qu'she/it advances. Angie, that in more d'to seem of a small baleineau, is made itself take the breasts in photo by paparazzi whereas she/it changed herself/itself on his/her/its balcony (that makes the size of my apartment). Angie, courage! While waiting one gets back the photo for the pleasure of the eyes.

On the other hand, big problem of logistics in Cannes: Sandra Lou of the Bachelor (become since coordinator on the 6) and especially Tatiana of Secret Story (professional model) have been invited to the preview of the Emir Kusturica documentary dedicated to the legend of the Maradona soccer. Who made this blunder?

If they had been dressed well, I would have been the first to say that the girls of the television-reality can have good taste. Unfortunately, let's look at the reality in the face: these dresses are ugly. In more Tatianas put red shoes with a dress in the tones pink majoritairement, what avant-gardist!

I cried two times while seeing this photo and finally I don't see why I won't make it to you to share.

Discount Ed Hardy On Sale I already have a few more of sympathy for Sandra Lou, therefore I am going to try to be kind: Sandra, your dress recalls me a bad ad for the Gold Coast chocolate.

One leaves itself with Dita Von Teese that doesn't stop anymore surprising us with a dress to the Gothic shapes, but green. Eva, my love, j,'hopes that you didn't already go back to L.A to recover Tony Parker, I believe so in you.


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