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Monday, December 14, 2009

  Donations to print unique and thoughtful hand, if you support or entrepreneurial artisans, goods at fairs and craft sales. Each one of us to you: online together to offer this handcrafted geekery Roundup of our favorite from the Web.

Mark Frauenfeilder shows Hine Mizushima, who felt the iPhone case, like old cameras and mobile phones. All are sold out now, but maybe this will inspire you to donate handmade this season!

Men in their own custom engraved rubber stamps make a great gift. You can get a logo, picture, geek icon, or something important to them and use them in your planning. You can also create your own wrapping paper by drawing a bright white roll (or another color) to save paper crafts and stamp of repeating the seals of your planning. When my son was little, I had some plans and then transfer them to the art and rubber stamp projects. We were on holiday cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, and the parents ate. It was here a few years ago, a sculpture of his own plans for the column Quick Craft I wrote for Crafts, Volume 02 

I ask the keychain pill / mint keychain, and sold through my Etsy shop for about a year. Everyone is a lug nut 1/2-20, custom matching threaded cap, an O-ring and D-ring. The chrome wheel nut and the cover is made of aluminum.
The O-ring, is tight and compressed as tension is important to prevent his son on the CAP swinging loose.

I Steampunk area custom made wallets for a good friend of artists Etta Diem Etsy. I visited a beautiful wallet normal position (photo, $ 55 plus postage) and the magnificent works of Steampunk art (see, for example, the mysterious Professor Vogel birdbrained below). I asked if it will make a customized version of Steampunk to me. These results are impressive and the receiver completely freaked me out. It's so nice to have something to someone who had a hand in putting together (albeit small) and which is adapted to promote only the recipient. The package itself is a work of art. It is probably too late to get a specially designed work now, but you can arrange for one and only some of the most beautiful art cards Etta Diem on the promise of a unique gift.

digiBling provide all kinds of geeky jewelry and accessories, including cufflinks red signal converter. Resist, too, earrings, ribbon belts and above can cufflink style chip oscillator and half. - Becky Stern

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