Jude Law and Kate Moss together

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For a good reason.

Ed Hardy Clothes As I had you well! In short brief brief, Jude Law and Kate Moss decided to be kind and to give a garment / accessory that will be sold then at the an auction next September 25 in London, in favor of a work caritative acting for the research of the treatment against the breast cancer.

The bip English model gave a pair of shoes therefore crotchet Christian Louboutin that it has flipping in air as scribbling autographed over, as well as one purse Corto Moltedo. The English actor chose the Martin costume Margiela qu'he/it carried in 2004 for the Alfie movie. I hope that he/it didn't wash it (clean, it would sell itself necessarily expensive).

Liam Gallagher of the group Oasis also participated while signing a guitar. But good him one makes fun a few of them, his/her/its group died for a long time.

For the opportunity, a small photo of Jude Law very to his/her/its advantage:

I understand why all girls fantasize over. Graou graou.


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