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Friday, December 18, 2009

I didn't think that it was possible to cry and to have real nauseas at the same time. Does it answer your question? More and more blogs fashion, as the famous Fashion Toast, seem s'to be granted on the fact that the derby, it is cool, it is cute, that goes so well with a mini-skirt or a trousers bent.

Personally I am very little "small "flat man shoes , that made me think about the marriages and the maintenances of enrollments, the kind of accessories that one feels obligated to carry in some situations. To put the derby relief to my sense of the false supreme step under d pretext'to be tendency: that gives an air of false bourgeois of the beginning of the century that would have put a shorts to go to the beach and that would not have anything else that his/her/its shoes of Sunday to leave.

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Yes, it is precisely this picture that comes to my mind when one evokes the derby, and that gives me desire to drive me a compass in the eyes. The only other pair of shoes to procure me this sensation is the shoes of guinea fowl to pointed tip.

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