Most Fashionable Men on Film: Cinematical 7

Thursday, December 10, 2009

om the first film of Ford, a man open in limited release this weekend, and although the film is really the story of a man facing the sudden death of young mistress, no doubt is a fashion icon behind the camera .
During the period for articles of general operation of love and attention, such as dizziness, hair styles and Marie Antoinette dresses, there are many other places to find candy for the eyes Haute. In honor of the new Ford dazzling film, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Nicholas Hoult, and Matthew Goode is my favorite Star Men Dressed to kill.

The inspiration for the list of those English teachers buttoned on the right veddy 1962 until the cuff links, even if the girls are starting to get away with the makeup beautiful eyes straight hair Twiggy, and continued these cigarettes. George stubborn elegance of the guards at the Windsor-knotted ties with pointy shoes polished to give a daily ritual in the face of her heart turned to pain, an auditorium of students indifferent, and the turbulence of the era.

Oh, the Thin White Duke. It is not enough that the film starts with the implementation of the Bauhaus  Dead Bela Lugosi in  by Peter Murphy, to care for every hair bristling and not shaking, but then we have John (Bowie) and Miriam (Catherine Deneuve), pointed to a clubs like the New Wave Kids twisting the torso. Ack! Of course, John 2000 years, but it seems that all dapper in black suit, spotless as the day Miriam was his teeth, sinking it. Well, at least initially.

What is the most glam-rock full of eye candy as Velvet Goldmine, an homage to Crazy Fabulosity by Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, glam rock, and all that entails; Rhys Meyers, a host of shiny rocks, out-of-this It seems like people-ego, Maxwell Demon, a kind of wild child bending fake his own death and disappears with the change in the ether.

Late 1700 was an exciting time for the huge powder wigs, huge bustles and skirts, tight corsets and ribbons galore. Nobody blinked much as links above and heaving chest, but Mozart, who admits in the film as  a common man,  goes so far in the sport as Unicorn head. You forget the annoying laugh. The man wears a head unicorn. Speaking of fashion.

Love or hate, is Valentino, my love! The man who pulled all of Jackie O. for Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor, in his career of 45 years, and the document sees the life and legacy of tan-man show that he and his partner Giancarlo Giammetti prep for the operation line, and a retrospective of his career Valentino. Valentino announced his retirement a few months after the star bash in Rome.

Although the label is prostitution detail in the book that the movie, narcissism Bateman is 80 years Yuppie Wall Street thought a bloody end. There is more than an eye mask of ice in the morning and work, to judge people by the weight of paper for their cards or by using a waterproof cup Valentino dress to the head of someone with an ax. And collect the style section of The Times.

Of course, a bit dusty and gray, and razor bloodthirsty, but damn, fine Sweeney lost to Victoria's, mainly to the idyllic scene and Mr. Lovett to the beach all stripey plaster. And let's not even the legendary band skunk in the wild mane of the debate.

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