NYT applys thoughtful gift guide for minority in our life

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Important week for leaders of tolerance: First, the self-absorption, if Tiger Woods's had mistresses were white, now this.

NYTPicker, who was the first for the additional staff do not think there's another word for it, but also racist. I'm not sure, I'm ready to go that far. But evil, horrible thought, bordering on the offensive, absolutely. I suspect that what happened exactly, was somewhere in the process of thinking that someone should include a way to work, Barack Obama (HE'S has done for them!) The mixture expands Sotomayor and voila, suddenly you have a gift guide, it seems in strange way) some magazines of the 1960s, but this can not be ignored in the 60s (for very different reasons. Thus, for the first time unnecessarily put tingly.
Specifically, I am quite surprised that he managed to frustrate the process of editing and wonder why the need to separate the gifts from the most general categories in which to fit these elements feel a program based on skin color.


Tom Maguire called the Times to answer the Stuff White People Like any parodic intent. The strangest? Rather than divide, the gift ideas of different races, probably disgusted with the idea that even the NYT, they decided to throw a pot at all in the category of people of color. Thus, theoretically, will recommend the gospel cruise for Arab Muslims and Hindus. Good work, guys. Exit question: I expected to get the boss a gift basket and may be family games for the Wii for Christmas, but I should now drop slightly in favor of Asian-y; Perhaps Nintendo has games especially for Asians. Otherwise, I think we have children Obama book on the Times list for their children. What could go wrong?

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