Victoria Beckham Talks Fashion, Lindsey and Bullies,Marc Jacobs,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Victoria Beckham puts his capacity as designer sunglasses and denim line at home in turn, clothing couture successfully. So successful that 75 have been abducted by them in a locked van, en route to Heathrow Airport last week.

When asked if she answered diplomatic wisdom on Lindsey Lohan, who works with Ungaro Beckham:  I think there is room for everyone, and I always say, good luck to all bet could not really know too much attention, what else, except me.  I began to see a theme here.

So when it talks about himself to come; Getting roughed obvious.  I was harassed mentally and physically, when I went to school and this gave me a very thick skin. They WHAT? Posh and I have always thought that was the leader of the middle and very nice girls, which flattered the entire set. Well, I bet clubs for children are now entering the bottom clean.

Gallery Information: David and Victoria Beckham attend a celebration Harpar Bazar in honor of their brow December Cover

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