Katharina Ludwig, funny creator,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Katharina Ludwig is German, has 24 years and it is not the kind to put his/her/its resourcefulness to the service of the cutest buckle of ears or the next it bag. His/her/its creations are a matter for more the challenge, of the artistic performance that of the real tendency in. Which way to begin?

By his/her/its jewelry made of ice?

With a basis made of metal, the stone of ice that have been previously strengthened with pigments, these jewelry are made for, as specifies us Katharina, to meet on the sweater instead of remaining on the ear".

Or maybe I should start with the necklace makes soap:

more need to remove it, he/it disappears a few more to each of your showers daily (or weekly, I don't want to know).


Even better:

the banal tee shirt to the first access, but that reveals pigments of different colors if to reverse you over of water.

Discover Katharina's compositions on www.kathyludwig.com

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